How to tackle envy when your guy talks about his past relationships

Love, intimacy, fidelity, envy, and insecurity are the emotions we find in almost every relationship. It’s easy to be envious when your boy friend talks about his past relationships, and trust me, the situation gets even tougher to handle when he is constantly smiling while doing so. Obviously, you cannot ask him to stop giggling, and smiling as he may feel offensive. But at the same time, you have no clue how to act calm in such terrible situation.

Past is past! Your boy friend would have spent sensuous times with his ex before, but today, you are his lively present. Realize it, and take pride in being with the guy who preferred being with you over the other ladies. Feel superior, believe in yourself, and never ever compare yourself with his ex-girl friends. Making such comparisons will only affect your confidence, and self-esteem, and this is totally not worth it.

Take it sportingly! One of my friends had faced similar envy issues, but her optimistic attitude never let her doubt her relationship. I know it’s horrible to take it sportingly when your boy friend tells about his past. It will take some time to adapt to such cases, but once you become a pro in taking such situations sensibly, it will only nurture your present relationship. After all, why should his past spoil even a single moment of your present!

Don’t start elaborating your past! Sometimes, we follow the path of taking revenge from our partner. ‘If he told his past story, I would share it too’, we come across this thought multiple times, but it’s not a great idea to do so. After all, we are not leading a race or competition of telling stories about our intimate past lives. Grab some courage to listen to him gracefully, and just forget about it. Don’t think of making him insecure by dating somebody else, be it intentionally, or unintentionally.

The moment we fell in love with someone, we start knitting dreams of spending our entire life with him/her. It’s an awesome feeling of spending life in each other’s arms, but you must prepare yourself for facing the bitter truth of getting separated at some point of life. Excess of jealousy, insecurity, and trust problems in a relationship may ruin it up. Jealousy arises when you imagine your guy going in to somebody else’s arms. If you think of it even for a single time, it’s advised to prepare yourself for the worst case of living without him. See yourself as an independent person, and jot down some points to lead a better life even in his absence. Future is uncertain, and such move will only make you a stronger superwoman.

You are a smart, sumptuous lady who knows how to allure her partner, and who knows how to strike a balance between his past, and your present. Next time you feel furious about his past, just start listening to music, exercise, or perform any of your favorite activities to get over it. If it beats the shit out of you, try explaining it to your partner politely. Remember, if he talks about his past, it doesn’t mean you are less valuable, or he is not able to forget his random flings.

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