Interracial Dating Story of John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

We all tend to find someone with whom we can be ourselves, and spend the rest of our lives without pretending. Love can happen anywhere, anytime and with anybody who appeals our soul as well as mind. So, no matter what caste, or race, a person belongs to, if he/she has got a loving heart, you should stick to him/her till your last breath. Love needs to be pure, and serene, where you can find peace in each other’s arms forever.

For all the people who are not sure about dating others out of their race, or caste, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen are the perfect love idols indeed. John Legend is a popular musician, and song-writer, while his soul mate, Chrissy Teigen is a beautiful model from USA. We all have heard about couples saying that ‘it just happened at first sight’. However, the case of John Legend & Chrissy Teigen was completely different. He met this beautiful lady for the first time on the sets of his music video ‘Stereo’ in 2007. John Legend admitted that when he saw Chrissy for the first time, he didn’t have a single thought that he would marry her someday. Yes guys! You heard it right. We all know how sumptuous Chrissy Teigen is, but as per John, he is not one of those guys who make themselves rush into love immediately. Instead he prefers knowing the person first, and thinks of taking things forward gradually. In the meanwhile, they started texting, and calling each other, and Chrissy’s witty yet humorous attitude made Legend swoon over her. They both started knowing each other, and ultimately, fell for each other. So, it was not like being impulsive, having some good cozy time, and then parting ways off. No doubt, this couple started off from a slower pace, and after being mesmerized from each other’s personality, they decided to take it a step ahead by getting married. This couple seriously has some serious interracial relationship goals to give to the individuals, who are struggling to find their love.

Are you curious to know some more surprising stuff about this awesome couple? Okay! Let’s get straight to the points. This couple is truly, deeply, and madly in love with each other. Once upon a time, Chrissy revealed to the Cosmopolitan that they got intimate while being on a flight. Whoa! Isn’t that something unusual to hear about? They don’t mind flaunting their love, no matter where they are! She further told that her guy is always there to pamper her up. If they are visiting one of their favorite restaurants, he loves to see her in a dress so that he can give her some pleasure by gently rubbing her upper thighs. Certainly a turn on for ladies!! Isn’t it?

Who said celebs are not that much into cooking? This adorable couple loves to cook, and Chrissy has her own food blog named where you can find lots of tempting recipes, and food experiences shared by them. Sharing the beautiful wedding story, John told that they chose to tie the knot in Lake Como, Italy as this was the place where they both started dating each other in the initial stage of their relationship. Now, how cool is that! The decision behind choosing the same place where they first dated each other speaks deep down about their emotions, and memories attached to it. In 2013, John released his song ‘All Of Me’ that was written keeping Chrissy in mind. Another song ‘Love Me Now’ released a couple of days ago, revolves around the two important ladies of his life: Chrissy, and their little baby girl Luna. Now, that’s something even we all would like our partners to do. Guys! If you are striving to make ways to your darling’s heart, just pen down some beautiful lines for her, and read them loud before her. And if you’ve got a fantastic voice like John, it will be nothing less than icing on the cake. With John’s recent song launch, he gives us both ‘relationship’, and ‘fatherhood’ goals.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen have grown as a perfect couple in these years. They give us a clear example that you can find love, and affection in someone who is not of the same race as yours. For all those people who resist finding true love out of their race, or caste should make John Legend & Chrissy Teigen their ideal couple today. Cheers to the couples like John and Chrissy who celebrate love every single day! And to find your perfect soul mate, you can explore any of the best interracial dating sites without delaying any more.

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