Some useful guidelines to keep you safe during the interracial relationship

For the singles who wish dating someone out of their race, interracial dating sites offer a great help. The idea of falling in an interracial relationship seems tempting. However, you need to put your ‘safety cap’ on while searching for your compatible partner no matter how famous or reputed the dating site is. As we keep on coming across several incidents where a person’s identity gets thrashed while dating in the virtual world, here are a few guidelines you must pen down for your safety.

  • 1. Date people with authenticated profiles
  • Sometimes, you will find fake profiles even on the best interracial dating sites online. Before even interacting with a person online, you must make sure that his/her account is genuine. A person’s account is said to be verified if he/she meets the eligibility criteria of the dating site, and provides authentic proofs as demanded by the site.

  • 2. Resist exchanging personal stuff
  • We cannot judge a person’s intentions virtually. Prioritize knowing the person via chat, audio, or video calling for at least a couple of months, and then if you feel he/she is trust-worthy enough, you can give it a thought to exchange numbers. Keep your personal information such as phone number, your residential area, etc. under cover.

  • 3. Avoid creating profile in your name
  • While creating online profiles on interracial dating sites, it is not mandatory to create an account in your own name. If you do so, it is possible that a person who knows nothing about you can stalk your profile on different social media platforms. And, who would like to get his/her profile stalked by a creep? For dating safe, you can reveal your identity once you are confident about other person’s emotions, or behavior.

  • 4. Assess your date’s attitude
  • A beautiful picture of a random person online can certainly tempt you to strike a conversation. That hot hunk, or that sumptuous lady may have some flaws in his/her attitude, or behavior. So, try observing your partner’s nature from the very first day, and find out if you should stick to him/her. After all, you cannot marry someone just because of his/her good looks. For discovering the ideal partner, you must focus more on one’s emotional, and intellectual traits, than his/her physical beauty. A person’s way of talking gives a hint of how seriously he/she takes things. So, get on your ‘assessment mission’ right now.

  • 5. Know about his/her past
  • In this contemporary era, almost every person has a past. Know if he/she had been in an interracial relationship before. If yes, then what made them part ways from each other. It will be better if you can ask these questions via audio or video calling, as it’s more convenient and easier to understand if a person is really speaking the truth or not.

  • 6. Meet him/her in the real world, but at crowded place
  • Once you have known each other completely, and are confident about your relation, you can think of taking one step further to meet your partner in the real world. However, to be safer, you should plan meeting at some crowded place, such as restaurant. Going to watch a movie on your first date can be disastrous, so avoid it. It’s about observing and knowing each other in person, and not about watching your favorite actor/actresses onscreen. The turn of watching a movie together can take place after you’ve personally met each other for long.

  • 7. Tell your friends where you’ll be going on date
  • It’s perfectly alright to inform your trusted friends about your date plans. Tell them the place you’ll be visiting, and ask them to call you once at the said time. As I already told, we cannot judge the real intentions of a person while dating online. To keep yourself safe from any unpleasant incident, it’s crucial to ask your loved ones a check on your visits.

These are a few guidelines which need to be followed if you’re thinking to date someone out of your race online or offline. Don’t rush into things, just be patient, take time to know each other, plan your first date with him/her, and know if he/she was the one whom you’d been searching for from so long.

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