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Thanks to I found my MR. James

I am a black woman who used to be afraid of even considering dating a white man. I didn't think I'd have the courage to strike up a conversation with someone of a different color, so I took the first step by signing up at I was not expecting much, and certainly did not believe I will find the love of my life on this website, but after a moonth of exchanging messages with a few people, I found the courage to meet James in person.

I was surprised at how much we had in common, especially our interests and hobbies. He likes the outdoors just as much as I do, and we even shop at the same websites for backpacking and camping supplies! if I hadn't signed up for, this very happy interracial relationship that I have now would not have been possible. I have been talking about this site to my friends and co-workers, as they too can find their lifetime partner right here.

Susan and James, New York, NY, United States

I met my true love on Wonderful site

My company gave me the option to transfer from Jamaica to the US. Seeing it as a great opportunity, I took it with both my hands. after a few months, I started to feel very lonely in my new place and prompted me to check I was simply looking for a good friend who I could go out with and have fun.

While browsing around the website, I found Chris. We started chatting at first and I have to admit, we clicked instantly. After exactly 6 weeks, we decided to meet. We had already shared our numbers so we texted and called each other regularly. As he was San Jose and I was located in San Francisco, he drove his way, I met him at the hotel where he was staying. It has been 6 months to it and I haven't looked back since. I couldn't believe my luck when we started dating, he was exactly the man I was looking for, caring, fun, loving and most importantly loved me. We are already making plans of getting married by next year. All this would not have been possible without so would love to thank them and their team for coming up with this wonderful website.

Clair and Chris, San Francisco, United States

Quoth the Raven, Always - Success through

Now engaged, I can look back on the story of our courtship and compare notes. I got online to find the comfort of vetting potential suitors from the safety of my home. was the first site I ever used, though it was my partner's second choice. Even though I was a little cautious about the internet dating thing, I decided to create a profile. The match came up, and I began to interact with him. I found many similarities in us, and I loved every moment chatting with him. He was looking for something serious as much as I was. The simplicity and the real talk got me attracted. Both our love for our families and our desires matched a lot. We met for the first time. It was like a fantasy that came true. The way he treated me and the way I felt with him made things so easy. I thought that I might feel weird and embarrassed, but nothing like this happened. He kept a record of all my favorite dishes as it was filled in my profile on the website. It helped both of us to understand each other's like and dislikes. This made us connect in a much stronger way.

After the first meeting, we then began to interact and meet up regularly until we fell head-over-heels in love with each other. That was when we decided to get to the next step of engagement. I have talked a lot about this site since I felt it was a real and decent one, which helped us meet and grow our relationship stronger. I would recommend it to those who wish to have a happy ending of their story.

Bella & Kandy, New Jersey, USA

Slow Start, Strong Finish! – Thanks to

I felt I had no choice to succeed in the virtual world in terms of dating and marriage. So, I made my mind and joined an online dating site which was called the At first, I did not like the long forms and filling the procedures in the website, but their worth was noticed later on. I am an extremely shy person and I find it difficult to approach people easily. I am afraid to get humiliated or bullied due to the color of my skin. This site helped me a lot where I did not feel embarrassed and I was not humiliated at all. It was not my first attempt on a dating site, since I have been wondering around and have been laughed at many times during the course. Then I met Tony on this site. He felt like a genuine person and his kindness got me mesmerized. He understood my feelings much more than anyone could everyone understand. Though, it did take me a while to connect and even trust him. But my patience rewarded me and we fell in love after we met for the first time. I began to feel good around him. He had a really good vibe that turned me to fall in love with him. At our first date, he planned it with everything I loved. It was a dream date which I always wanted. This touched my heart. Then I remembered filling in about all this in the site where Tony had taken a keen interest and read it. Being with him gave me a strong current. I found it great since I was with someone I could be myself with.

Later on, we began to meet more often and then moved in together. Today, we are in a live-in relationship and are planning a wedding soon. I found this site one of the best out of all I used since it gave me immediate results. I was not humiliated and frightened by the users. For those out there like me, this site is the one you should be using!

Metsha & Tony, New York, USA

Love, Respect And Family! – A budding romance through

I travel a lot around the world due to my business. I signed-up on the site to meet a black woman since I have a great liking towards them. I find them much more beautiful and real as compared to the white women. I found the profile of Lara on the website and planned to meet her after we had a little talk on the website. When I met her, it felt great. We had a lot of things in common. She was also into social service just like myself. We both then discussed about the things we wanted out of life. Coincidentally, the things we wanted were the same. But unfortunately, we did not meet for a while after the first date. Just until one day when she called me up and summoned me to her place. It had been almost a month since we last met. It was our second date which brought the spark between us, or let us say, which got the spare for me in her. She was much more open and comfortable this time with me, which made me love it more. Since then we got together and today we are planning to even move in together.

This website helped me get someone I could rely on in my life. I would advise those looking for someone in their lives to join this site since it would definitely get you the person you want. But patience is the key here.

Micky & Lara, Texas, USA