Tips for finding your soulmate at a wedding

We love celebrating the wedding season! Seeing our best friend or loved ones getting hitched is a sort of aww-dorable (adorable) moment. While seeing the perfect chemistry between them, at some point of time, we must have wondered if there was somebody in our life too. The one we could sizzle, and share our deepest emotions with. Stop wondering and take action now! You never know if you could find love at your closest pal’s wedding. Here are some useful tips you need to follow for changing your status from ‘single’ to ‘happily mingle’.

  • 1. Attend the function alone
  • Heading towards a friend’s wedding? Make sure to visit alone, and not with a pack of friends, or family. This idea may sound a little weird, but it really works. When you are surrounded by a group of people you know, it’s hardly possible to interact with new people. So, the scope of finding your soulmate becomes vague. By coming alone, you will exploit more chances of meeting new people, knowing, and dating them.

  • 2. Enquire about your beautiful bridesmaids, and handsome groomsmen before
  • Attending the function alone is not going to help you! Obviously, you cannot ask your friend (bride or groom) about her/his hot friends in the main function. You can understand how difficult it is for the wedding couple to even breathe in their wedding. So, ask them to throw some light on their friends who match your tastes. Make a smart plan to approach them, and make them fall for you head over heels in the very first glance.

  • 3. First Impression is the Last Impression
  • When we meet or see someone for the first time, we judge him/her with his/her dressing sense alone. Before somebody utters a single word, we can perceive about somebody’s personality with his/her dressing style. Not to forget, this goes for you too when you’re going to attend a wedding. Keep everything from dress, hairstyle, footwear, to accessories chic yet classy. Let others be mesmerized with your beauty and charm for a while.

  • 4. Keep a smile on your face
  • Wedding is all about fun, celebration, zeal, and enjoyment. Forget your anxieties, be stress-free, dance, have drinks, and just smile. If you’ve dressed like a king/queen, but you are not happy inside-out, all of your efforts will go waste. Just chill, meet new people with full enthusiasm, and make them mad for your contagious smile.

  • 5. Just relax, and stay positive
  • Keep your spirits high, and enjoy every moment in the function. Get clicked, strike a conversation with your friend’s friends, enjoy delicious food and tempting drinks, and act like a gentleman/lady. Emphasize more on showing your confident side, and not the dull one. Keep your excitement levels moderately high throughout the wedding as you never know when you can find the right guy/girl out there.

Weddings are a symbol of love, affection, and celebration. So, give yourself a chance of finding a unique connection this wedding season that brings a wide smile on your face every single time. Keep these tips handy, and implement them at the appropriate time.

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