When Cupid stroked Interracial Couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Love is an emotion that everyone wants to feel and retain forever. It takes a lifetime to find our soul mate and being in love with that one for the rest of the life. Everyone has a checklist according to which they find out their partners, but how often do we think that we shall be in an interracial relationship? But when cupid strikes and two souls fall in love, seldom people think about the cast, color or even sex. What matters today is being with someone with whom you can see yourself in a more confident and happier version, and most importantly grow remarkably with that one.

Entwined till Eternity

Kelly Ripa, an American actress and Mark Consuelos, half Italian and half Mexican, born in Spain, would have never thought one day they will meet and be one forever. Whether you call it a conspiracy of the Universe or an amazing coincidence, they met on the sets of ‘All my Children’ where Kelly Ripa was a regular star of the show and Mark came for the audition. He recalls that all he wanted was the job and was extremely focussed on the part and when he saw Kelly, he found her extremely hot and sexy, but majorly out of his league. Soon they became friends on the set, but asking her out for a date was a Herculean Task. So while playing her onscreen love interest in All My Children, they both had a strong friendship that soon turned into love and on May 1, 1996, they eloped to Vegas and married in a simple church in a timeless dress.

It has been 20 years since then and the much in love couple with three children are still going strong and living a life that is a dream for many. Keeping their vows, being committed and loyal to each other; this power couple is an inspiration for many, and is giving relationship goals to today’s generation. Kelly and Mark are the epitome of love born out of friendship. It is often observed that people make a checklist to make sure that they find the man or woman of their dream. When they find their special someone and settle down in a matter of few years, love just evaporates. But when friendship is the base of a relationship, love seldom ceases to exist.

Kelly and Mark, now touching 20th decade benchmark, are much in love and all they want to advise the married couples that they should not get divorced just after initial arguments. She believes that the first arguments between married couples are just like marinate that needs to absorb and in a matter of 3 days, everything will be back to normal. She claims that she has a huge crush on Her Husband even after 20 years and they love digging each other. Even though there are rough tides once in a while but love conquers them and they manage to fall for each other every single time.

Does being from different Backgrounds make a marriage work?

In todays' time where people from the same background, class and tastes are falling apart just after a few months of marriage, then eloping with a half Italian and half Mexican guy in 1996, was indeed a bold and a riskier move. But breaking the shackles of society and daring to do unthinkable at that time and sticking to your choice for the rest of the life is what makes the interracial relationship successful. Undoubtedly, they have defined what love is and most importantly, taking a stand that getting married to someone with a different colour is not abhorrent. Kelly and Mark have three children and she says that she still loves to wear her wedding dress. She says that her white stripes gown is a timeless beauty and makes her realize that their love and marriage are also beyond time and forever. With their constant support, they have carved a niche for themselves in the world and proved that when love happens, there is no space for confusions and doubts. So even though there was nothing common in them except their love for each other; they always had and will have each other’s back and that is what matters in the end. Doesn’t it? As everything is virtually available in this world, so finding your date by visiting the best interracial dating sites online should not be a cumbersome task.

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