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Decades ago, dating between two different races was considered a taboo. In some countries, having interracial relationships between different races is considered a sacred sin. However, in today’s modern world, more people as well as countries accepts the fact that each and every individual is naturally attracted different people, be it a black or white person. The culture, personality, ethnicity and looks may differ; however, this doesn’t change the fact that everyone can be unpredictably attracted to different or unique races.

This site, as what the name implies, emphasizes specifically on relationships between white women and black men. Aside from its well-constructed and attractive interface, more and more people have been giving lots of positive reviews for this website mainly because unlike other typical websites, adds a special feature to their site. On their website, one can add up to 5 pictures of them on their profile without having to pay for a single penny. Aside from this, the user can also create a list of his/her favourites so that the user can always visit his/her previous friends or crushes. emphasizes that their website isn’t just limited to dating. It can also be a good platform to make friends with different races, as well as searching for a lifetime partner yourself.

Below are the features of

  • • The website is exclusive for white women and black men only.
  • • Aside from its attractive interface, the website also contains informative articles, videos and other helpful dating tips about interracial relationships. The articles contains different perspectives when it comes to dating mixed races as well as giving tips as to how to solve queries or issues which most people hesitate to ask directly.
  • • The user is free to have his/her own ads which other members can look for and respond to the ad as well.
  • • The user can organize a chat topic wherein he/she can discuss issues or ideas related to dating mixed races and interracial relationships particularly between white women and black men. Examples of these topics are the international perspective, stereo types and myths about interracial dating as well as dealing with prejudice and making relationships work. Other topics which all members can talk about are humours, puzzles, health, fitness and sports which is available in their website’s Forum section.
  • • Professional dating advisers and gurus can also organize a forum wherein other members of the website can benefit.
  • • The website also holds a few contests wherein a single visit to the website can help someone win big.
  • • It has a 24/7 free chat which is open to all.
  • • The basic membership for this website is completely free.
  • • When one decides to upgrade his/her free membership to premium, a fee of $24.95 is charged on the member for the first month and a $9.95 fees monthly until the time the member decides to cancel his/her subscription.
  • • One advantage of having a monthly fee is that when he/she have already found his/her match, there is always an option to cancel the subscription at any time.

For paid members, additional perks are given including the following benefits:

  • A paid member has the opportunity to reply to an advertisement through e-mail.
  • Paid members are given the benefit for a full access to affiliate websites.
  • Being a paid member, the site allows the member to visit or view sites with adult content. Aside from this, the website also allows paid members to visit other sites.
  • Drawbacks

    For some, they might find the search feature not their type. This is mainly because of the fact that it gives priority to white women and black men, thus, finding a match on their own can be limited to specific criteria only.

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    Nowadays, different interracial dating sites are available in order to help someone find his/her match. is among the mainstream interracial dating services in finding the best and perfect match suitable for an individual. Anyone who is looking for a particular race or culture to match their taste or preference can benefit from this website.

    What’s more important is that whatever type of people we may be attracted to, there is absolutely no rule or law which dictates that one cannot have a relationship just because they differ in colour or in races. The fact that they both have mutual understanding is enough to tell the whole world that love and friendship knows no religion, no cultures, no colour or no races.